Delhi university co-operative stores ltd. is located near faculty of law in a pota cabin. It has been running the business under co-operative act by providing stationary, cosmetics, electrical and other miscellaneous items to the colleges and departments in the university.

It is also running a tea stall near faculty of law where tea, cold drinks, snacks of good quality are provided to the university community at a nominal price.
The store has appointed 14 most sincere, Well behaveed courteous employees who are always ready for the customer service. Most of the employee are Permanent,well paid with perks like-bonous etc. as per rules applicable stores employee norms. They are also given facility of
provident fund, gratuity and leave encashment as per rules applicable.

The Delhi University Cooperative store Ltd is a marketing organization with the aim to provide Items like Stationary, Cosmetic, Electrical and most essential other items in may be useful in North campus surrounding to cater to need of the Students, Colleges & University
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